Blogs, Bones, and Body Parts

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Lynn Nickels presents “Technically Blogged”

See? Didn’t that grab you more than ‘How to Write a Technical Blog’? That’s called the hook! On Thursday evening, April 14, Lynn Nickels shared how the technical blog has become a way for companies to promote technical products and services via the Web. Lynn explained how blogging—no longer confined to the “social” of social media—has become a great marketing tool to gently steer the potential customer to your company without even naming the company!

Lynn developed her blog formula—which she likens to a skeleton—by drawing on her years as a journalist. She morphed who, what, when, where, why, and how into a head, a face, bones, and body parts. Lynn reminded us to hone our interviewing skills to pull valuable pearls from subject matter experts. She led us through a couple of quick exercises to demonstrate the difference between ‘okay’ content and ‘grab-and-keep-your-attention’ content. Lynn emphasized that we should TELL, not SELL! We need only solve the customer’s pain point or problem, and we have a new customer!

So what is a blog? According to Lynn, a blog can be a tutorial, a list, a how-to article, a personal story or anecdote, a case study, a post, a sermon, and the list goes on. A blog can be inspirational or motivational. It can be about hot topics or current events. It can predict, inform, or educate. What’s the most frequently searched blog type? According to Google, it’s fashion! Who would have thunk it?

Lynn is a senior member of STC, co-editor of NEO STC’s Lines & Letters, co-lead of the Academic Relations committee, and former co-lead of the Programs committee. She’s a Global Marketing Communications rep at Rockwell Automation and has worked as a technical writer and journalist. Her most recent experience includes international public speaker at Content Marketing World in Sydney, AU and Singapore, where she participated in a technology panel discussion about the technical expertise needed by writers and the value of using social media to promote products and services in business. She has written technical blogs for Rockwell Automation and creates content marketing materials with a technical blogging

AKHIA, a full-service marketing communication agency in Hudson, graciously hosted our April NEO STC program. Special thanks to Jodee Juarez and Celeste Conklin for their hospitality.

By Kelly Graham