Academic Relations: NEO STC Observes Future Writers at YSU Senior Presentations

“To me, it’s the pinnacle of what we do as professionals – having the opportunity to observe what the next generation of writers will look like,” said Lynn Nickels. On May 3rd and 4th, Rockwell Automation and Parker Hannifin professionals had the opportunity to do just that by accepting an invitation from Drs. Jay Gordon and Diana Awad Sorocco to sit in on the Youngstown State University (YSU) Professional and Technical Writing (PTW) program senior project presentations.

The PTW senior semester project allows students to choose, work with, and produce original output for a client. They learn and apply interviewing, project planning, negotiation, and time management skills as well as writing, design, and editing. We had the opportunity to hear from PTW seniors about:

  • A marketing plan for Carrabba’s Italian GrillYSU3
  • An online Sci-Fi magazine project
  • A training process implementation for YSU Student Services
  • Instructional manuals for the Theater Department and The Penguin Review magazine
  • Promotional materials and reviewer bios for The Emperor Honors Academic Journal
  • Policy, promotional brochure, and business plan for J. Ryan Consulting
  • Promotional and social media pieces for Cycle for the Cure
  • Promotional materials and menu for a local Youngstown restaurant

The five professionals in attendance at the PTW senior project presentations were:

  • May 3: Kelly Graham, Tech Comm Editor and Tiffany Harris and Lynn Nickels, Marketing Communications Representatives – all from Rockwell Automation.
  • May 4: Lisa Mileusnich, Technical Analyst and Janean Voss, Technical Analyst – Lead on the IT Technical Communications team – both from Parker Hannifin.
BLR: Tiffany Harris, Dr. Jim Schramer, Dr. Jay Gordon, Dr. Diana Awad Sorocco FLR: Kelly Graham, Dr. Julia Gergits

Tiffany Harris of Rockwell Automation said of the experience, “I enjoyed watching the presentations and found it really interesting with regard to the level of involvement some students had in their projects. I thought the senior projects were a great way to show the students what kind of roadblocks they may experience in the working world and the communication gaps that can exist in any organization. I wish I would have had a project like this during my senior year of college. It was a nice ice-breaker exercise that really got the students exploring different facets of marketing. I hope to join again next year!”

Representatives from the NEO STC chapter have been attending the YSU PTW presentations for a few years now, and we plan to nourish this relationship with the YSU PTW program in the future. When there are future opportunities for chapter members to give back to young professionals at YSU and other area universities, we will continue to extend those opportunities to our membership.

Dr. Julia Gergits, Lynn Nickels, Dr. Jim Schramer

Lynn said, “On a personal note, it was great to get back to my old stomping grounds! Seeing Dr. Julia Gergits, now the Chair of the English Dept., and her husband, Dr. Jim Schramer, was a special treat. Both were my teachers and advisers when I attended YSU as an undergrad and grad student. It was great to see that their influence over future students is still strong and thriving!”

By Janean Voss and Lynn Nickels