Academic Relations Committee Update

The Academic Relations Committee met in October to discuss ideas for this year’s promotion of the benefits provided by STC to students in our area and the ways that we can communicate those benefits.

In the past, we have had wonderful opportunities to go into the classroom and speak to students at local colleges. We look forward to continuing the same approach, this year. Kelly Webb has graciously invited us back to talk to her classes at the University of Akron and we are hoping to continue our past judging of the YSU Senior projects, but additionally, would like to speak to some of those classes, again.

We talked about a new approach to attract student interest in the form of offering Resume Writing workshops. During the workshops, we plan to weave in the valuable experiences and benefits we have received by being a part of the STC.

We also hope to get the word out to interested students by advertising our virtual meetings to our academic mailing list.

And finally, we discussed the idea of offering NEO STC membership to students for no charge. This would give students, who don’t have a lot of money to spend, the opportunity to learn about what we offer at no risk. Ultimately, the information they receive might entice them to join STC once they have graduated and have jobs.

If you would like to volunteer as a classroom speaker, please contact the Academic Relations Committee, Kelly Webb, Lynn Nickels, or Lisa Mileusnich, for additional information.