Academic Relations: Building a Case at Case (Western Reserve University)


Lynn and Dina Benayad-Cherif
Dina Benayad-Cherif, CWRU Student and Technical Writing Minor

Once again, NEO STC got a word in at Case Western Reserve University’s Link-State event, an annual event specifically geared toward engineering students. I was able to speak to students about volunteering and networking through organizations like NEO STC – it’s a case for a Win-Win strategy! Not only can students help the community through volunteering, but they can use participation in organizations like STC as resume-building opportunities, and feel good about themselves in the process. Students were encouraged to join professional organizations, like our local NEO STC chapter, while still in school, and were presented with the advantages of joining—like applying for our chapter’s scholarship.

The value of the available networking opportunities was stressed, in addition to learning from professional presenters about interesting topics focused, like this year, on Social Media. And we know all college students are very focused on Social Media!

By Lynn Nickels