Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

NEO STC has two ways to collaborate with our sponsors, supporters, and partner organizations. We offer a sponsorship option, and also the opportunity to advertise online.

Funds raised via sponsorships and advertising are used to finance our scholarship. Monies exceeding the scholarship amount will be allocated by the community leadership to either defray community event expenses for members or go towards efforts that will be most beneficial for the community.


Tax-deductible contributions to sponsor NEO STC are recognized by the calendar month. Organizations can serve as the primary sponsor of NEO STC for a given month, or participate at a more limited level by co-sponsoring a month.

Your support for NEO STC is recognized two ways:

  • During your sponsored month, a linked image (provided by you, the sponsor*) appears at the top right of every page of the NEO STC website.
  • Your organization is listed permanently on our Sponsors & Advertisers page.

Contact one of our Chapter Officers for complete information on becoming a monthly sponsor of NEO STC.


Support NEO STC as a valued advertiser!

Your linked ad will rotate with no more than 2 other ads in the right column of every page of our site, for a timeframe you determine. You provide the image*, so you control your message. Advertisers are also recognized permanently on our Sponsors & Advertisers page.

To get started, use the PayPal buttons below, or contact one of our Chapter Officers via email. We will communicate with you regarding which months your ad will run.

   $50.00 / 3 months, 200×200 size

   $100.00 / 6 months, 200×200 size

   $150.00 / 6 months, 200×400 size

Take advantage of our 2014 advertising rates now to promote your business to a highly engaged audience!

* All images provided by sponsors and advertisers must exactly match the specified dimensions (200×200 pixels or 200×400 pixels) in either PNG or JPG format. If sponsors or advertisers request that NEO STC create an image for them, instead of providing their own image, this service incurs an additional one-time up-front fee of $250 (non-refundable) and the sponsor/advertiser agrees to accept the image NEO STC provides as-is, with no revisions.