How do things get done in NEO STC? The answer is, our Committees!

NEO STC appreciates the efforts of each 2016-2017 volunteer Committee Chairperson and Co-chairperson listed below.

If you’d like to get involved next year, contact one of our Chapter Officers. New volunteers are always welcome!

2016-2017 NEO STC Committee Chairs

Academic Relations – Lisa Mileusnich & Lynn Nickels

Honors – Kelly Graham

Membership – Bob Young

Networking – Angie Dianetti  & Ginny Haas

Newsletter – Sara Buchanan & Lynn Nickels

Programs – Laura Fox, Eric Voshall, Reynold DeChant, & Brian Walters

Public Relations (PR) – Jason Vensel & Julianne Forsythe

Scholarships – Lisa Mileusnich & Lynn Nickels

Website – Kim Lindsey & Jennifer Loudiana

Book Club – (on hiatus)

Competitions – (position open)

Sponsorship – (position open)

Workshops – (position open)