About the NEO STC

The STC (Society for Technical Communication) is the world’s largest and oldest professional association dedicated to the advancement of the field of technical communication. We are writers, editors, graphic artists, web content managers, usability experts, consultants, information managers, instructional designers, educators, and students. We work in many industries, including telecommunications, software, semiconductor, financial, engineering, medical, and transportation. The Society has members in almost 50 countries and is continuing to grow rapidly outside of North America and Europe.

The NEO STC (Northeast Ohio Community of the Society for Technical Communication) is one of the most active STC communities in the U.S. The community provides leadership and direction for its members and promotes professional growth through program meetings, workshops/conferences, webinars, book club meetings, volunteer opportunities, mentoring, and networking events.

NEO STC has earned the annual Community Achievement Award (Community of Distinction, Excellence, or Merit) from the Society for over 13 years for its outstanding service to members. In 2014, the NEO STC again earned the highest level of recognition – Community of Distinction! The Pacesetter Award is awarded by STC to an STC community that successfully implements a single beneficial innovation that may be implemented by other STC communities. In 2013, the NEO STC earned the Pacesetter Award for its Book Club! See the Awards page of this site for complete details on these and other awards we’ve received.

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Mailing address for the NEO STC:

PO Box 2231
Hudson, Ohio 44236