A New Book from Local Author Tabaczynski

A gridiron MBA? Jim Tabaczynski is a marketing communication and public relations strategist who asks this question in relation to his book Hard Hitting Lessons.

The book “lets you see how much you can learn about business from football” as explained at the Hard Hitting Lessons site.

Tabaczynski is with JPT Group and goes on to say about the book:

Most people associate football with learning things like hard work, discipline, teamwork, etc.  That’s all very true. But what can you learn about business from football?  According to Hard Hitting Lessons, a lot.  This book will explain it all – from human resources to strategic planning and more.  The subtitle says it all, “Some not-so-obvious business lessons learned from playing football.”  Yes, there’s a lot to be learned from playing football about business – and even about life itself.