A Chat with Grammar Girl (Content Wrangler Webinar Review – the changing nature of language)

Lively, fun, funny, informative – in other words – a good time is what I found with the Content Wrangler webinar held February 25, 2021. Present at the webinar were STC Associate Fellow Scott Abel (known as the Content Wrangler) and guest Mignon Fogarty (known as Grammar Girl) along with co-host Patrick Bosek. The topic was A Chat with Grammar Girl — The Changing Nature of Language, and Mignon was a great guest to cover the topic. 

When asked to provide an idea of her background, Mignon explained she worked as a technical writer and editor and published books about English grammar. She also has a successful following for her educational podcasts on the topic of English grammar. 

When Mignon was asked about how open she feels people are to change in language,  she compared how copy editors and linguists, in her experience, respond to this change. While she thinks both editors and linguists are open to change, she feels that linguists are especially interested in changes in language.

Another topic Mignon discussed, when asked, was the difference in editing technical versus non-technical material. With technical material, Mignon argues that the editor can focus more on issues such as format and presentation to include items such as bulleted lists, headings, and clear step-by-step instructions.

An English language change Mignon talked about was the use of “they” in the singular and plural. Mignon points out that “you” can be singular or plural. She feels today that “they” can be either singular or plural as with the use of – their. 

I liked the format and content of the session. This was my first experience with a Content Wrangler webinar, and the experience was most enjoyable. Scott, Mignon, and Patrick came across as personable and knowledgeable.

Reviewed by Jeanette Evans