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Our diverse group includes writers, editors, content developers, instructional designers, information architects, illustrators, graphic artists, and more. As one of the most active geographical communities in STC International, we strive to add value to our members by providing a variety of educational and networking opportunities.

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Upcoming Events

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Coming soon! Plans are underway for an exciting 2018-2019 program year. Our monthly programs and networking events will resume in September.

STC Member-Get-a-Member (MGAM) Campaign is Underway!

Join Us: The 2018 “Join Us” Member-Get-a-Member (MGAM) Campaign is in full swing and we need your help to make it a success! Most new members say they joined STC simply because someone shared why it’s important. As an active member, you know first-hand the value your membership provides. The Member-Get-a-Member Campaign is the ideal opportunity to share your professional successes by encouraging your nonmember colleagues to join. Current STC members can recruit new members to expand their professional network, strengthen STC, receive recognition, and be entered into a drawing to win prizes. Don’t miss this chance to share the value of STC! For more information of how to participate, click here.

Discounted membership dues just announced. Save 30% on Professional & Academic, New Professional, or Student membership rates. No promo code is needed to take advantage of the 30% savings. This is the final rate drop for the year. Pass along this link to STC’s membership page  to anyone you know who should also experience the benefits of STC membership first-hand.

Are You a Student Interested in Technical Communication?

We can help connect you with experienced professionals and mentors, internships, learning opportunities, and job leads!

Our Student Membership Funding Program pays for half of your one-year membership in the Society for Technical Communication and NEO STC chapter. Find out how to apply.

Legacy Websites Decommissioned

All archived issues of Lines & Letters (all online issues that were previously housed on legacy versions of the chapter website) have now been converted to PDF format and are linked from the Newsletter Archive page. The new format enables you to easily link to your content and also (new feature) to download and/or print a professional-looking copy for your own use.